General Wellness

Happy and healthy couple gardening showing that their autoimmunity is well managed and under control


Many clinical studies show that Manual Lymphatic Drainage results in decreased pain, inflammation, and helps relieve those suffering from chronic conditions such as Fibromyalgia and Autoimmune Disease. Some of our most loyal and long term clients come to see us on a regular basis as part of their autoimmune protocol of care; and feel that MLD is vital to managing their immune system dysregulation leading to a less inflamed body and healthier state of mind.

Chronic Illness & Inflammation

By supporting and stimulating the lymphatic system, your body is better able to deal with every-day insults including toxins from the environment and cell waste.  As a result, our clients experience decreased inflammation, allowing symptoms from these conditions to lessen in severity with fewer flair-ups.  Less inflammation helps to control the rate of degeneration of tissues, essentially slowing the aging process down.  Basically, we are doing damage control.

oung woman doing restorative yoga outside to help with her inflammation
Woman receiving lymphatic drainage massage on her abdomen to help with her digestion, bloating, and detoxification

Digestive Health

Many clients come to see us for relief of digestive distress. Regardless of cause, Manual Lymphatic Drainage can often significantly help alleviate abdominal dysfunction and bloating.  Many of our clients use Manual Lymphatic Drainage on a regular basis to maintain a more comfortable and leaner looking abdomen.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage has been used by stars and celebrities for years as a body sculpting and beautifying technique.  They know that the secret to a fabulous looking body really comes from the inside out.  By aiding your body's own purification process, this technique visibly removes unwanted fluid and congestion resulting in a leaner healthier appearance.

Young woman at the beach showing off her healthy physique